Why do we need change?

Our consultation is now open – learn more and share your thoughts on the proposal before 1 April 2020

We are looking to address the significant challenges at Epsom and St Helier hospitals around clinical standards, finances and estates.

Our challenges

  • Improving clinical standards. In 2017 the CCGs agreed clear clinical standards in line with national best practice for six acute services. The Trust said that they could not meet these agreed standards due to a shortage of consultants.
  • Providing healthcare from modern buildings. Many of the Trust’s buildings were built before the NHS was founded and are rapidly ageing, which is an issue repeatedly highlighted by the Care Quality Commission. There is a significant backlog of maintenance and the deterioration of the estate is affecting clinical services and patient experience.
  • Achieving financial sustainability. The Trust has a financial deficit which is growing each year.

We are certain that if we do not resolve these issues now, we will not be able to maintain all the services we currently provide locally and which our population need.

GPs, hospital doctors, nurses and other clinical professionals in the area have put together the vision and the new clinical model based on evidence and best practice, to make sure we can deliver high quality healthcare in the future.

You can learn more about the programme and our work by reading the frequently asked questions or key documents found in our publications library.