Our work so far

We are working with a range of experts, partners, regulators, local authorities, clinicians, patients, and our communities to gather research and evidence to help shape our proposals for Epsom and St Helier hospitals. The evidence documents and summaries are published on our website in important documents and include:

• Phase one of the interim Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA), which includes:

• Detailed reports on the patient and public engagement work undertaken since June 2018, which includes:

Phase two draft interim Integrated Impact Assessment report, which details  the potential positive and negative impacts of any potential changes to services, as well as solutions the CCGs could take to protect and improve the health and well-being of local people.

• A summary assessment of potential impacts on other NHS providers in the neighbouring areas.

• The independent report of the London and the South East Clinical Senates

What happens next?

  • Our work is currently going through a national assurance process with regulators. Following the feedback from assurance, NHS Sutton, Surrey Downs and Merton CCGs will consider all further evidence and any feedback before deciding whether to proceed to public consultation on any proposals. See our programme outline below for more information on the process we are following, programme stages and indicative timelines.
  • We can only proceed to public consultation if there is an agreement in principal that capital funding will be available.
  • No decision about any changes to services will be made until after a full public consultation has taken place and all of the information has been considered by the CCGs.

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