Can you provide an update on your programme timelines and the process you are following?

Following all of the research and engagement we have been doing over the past six months, we have now updated our draft pre-consultation business case (PCBC) that we submitted to NHS England in December 2018.

We have now submitted our updated draft PCBC to NHS England and Improvement for the next stage of the national assurance process.

The updated draft PCBC contains a provisional technical assessment of the three options to enable regulator assurance and decisions in principle on capital funding.

Based on this further work Sutton continues to be the highest ranking option, followed by St Helier and Epsom. This does not mean we have agreed a preferred option. CCGs will only determine a preferred option once we have completed the next stage of national assurance stage with NHS England.

We have not published the updated draft PCBC at this stage – all of the evidence included is already published on our website, apart from the financial assessment of each option as this information may change as our regulators review and refine it.

All our local hospitals have stated that all three proposed options (Sutton, St Helier and Epsom) would be deliverable with some investment and improvements at their Trusts. We have considered a wide range of factors and each option has its merits.

This is not our final assessment of the evidence as it has not been through a national assurance process. We would publish a final version of the PCBC in advance of any full public consultation taking place.

A stakeholder briefing about the updated draft PCBC is available on our website – here.

Since December 2018 we have been working with a wide range of experts, partners, local authority and public health colleagues, clinicians, the public and our regulators to gather research and evidence to help shape our proposals.

We have always made it clear that any consultation will only take place once we have agreement in principle for the capital.

No decisions about any changes to services will be made until after a full public consultation has taken place and all of the information has been considered by the CCGs.