How we evaluated our proposals

We commissioned an independent report into the possible effects of our proposals. The report looked at effects in different areas.

  • Health outcomes for patients
  • How people would access district hospital services
  • Patients’ experience
  • How services would be delivered
  • Clinical staffing
  • Design of hospital facilities
  • Health inequalities
  • Journey times, transport and travel costs for patients, carers and visitors
  • Future choice of services
  • Effect on neighbouring hospitals
  • Effect on the environment

What we have learned from this research has helped us to further develop our proposals. The report summarises a range of detailed positive, negative and neutral effects.

The integrated impact assessment is an ongoing programme of work. Another version of this report will be published after this consultation to give decision-makers more information.

We would continue to monitor the effect of any changes agreed to local services and adapt the services provided to make sure local people are given the best care possible.

Download and read the integrated impact assessment

Local people most affected

People who are served by Epsom and St Helier hospitals mostly live in the north (the top half of this map), around Sutton and Merton.

Population density map


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